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To whomever it may concern,

This is to certify that I have been responsible for the welfare of Dara, who was in the care of Britannia Lodge, from 2008 until 2018, when he was required to be moved to another facility in view of his growing dementia.

During the time that I have had the opportunity to communicate with owners and staff at Britannia Lodge, I can only say that I was very impressed by the cleanliness, care and affection shown by one and all to the residents at the Lodge. Dara was a difficult person and wanted to go out each day, and would scream and shout if he were not allowed to; but the staff dealt with this in a very professional way. I am sorry that he had to leave the Lodge.

I commend Britannia for the maintenance of the facility and selection of staff, and for everything else which was done so that Dara was happy and comfortable whilst he was at Britannia.  I wish the company the very best of success in all their endeavours.




Dear Britannia Lodge,

We just wanted to thank you and your staff for keeping our loved one safe during these troubling times. Since Bob has moved into Britannia he said many times how much happier he is and appreciative of the treatment that the staff shows him. As a family member, thank you for working along with us to take care of Bob’s health care challenges and making all of our lives a whole lot better.

Much appreciation,
Dave and Family

To Britannia Staff and Management:

Kathleen was a resident of Britannia Lodge from May 2010 until June 2020. Kathleen had been in a number of other care placements since leaving the family home. None of these were able to meet her needs until she found a bed at Britannia. Kathleen is very sensitive to how people treat her and does not handle any criticism well.

The care givers at Britannia were very good at helping Kathy feel loved and respected and treated her like family. Many of the other residents were also very good at being kind to Kathy and went out of their way to tell her how much they liked her. She enjoyed regular daily activities throughout the week such as coloring, music, dance, pet visits, and outings.

Staff was very consistent in monitoring Kathy’s needs and immediately reported any incidents, such as a fall, to the family. They also were very prompt in supporting any special needs Kathy had, such as a modified bed, motion alarms, hip protectors and special diet. Any change in Kathy’s well being was immediately addressed by staff through doctors, social workers, and family.

Kathy enjoyed the yearly Christmas party with family in attendance and the family was part of the annual care conference with all care giving staff.

Britannia was the first place Kathy said she liked since leaving the family home. Staff treated her like family as well as any of Kathy’s immediate family. Staff will be missed!

Sincerely Mike and Lynda

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