1090 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5L 4G2   |   604-255-3711   |   info@britannialodge.org


LOCATION: 1090 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC. V5L 4G2

Phone: 604-255-3711

Fax: 604-255-3712

Email: info@britannialodge.org


Britannia Lodge is conveniently located just two blocks away from popular shops on Commercial Drive. For those residents who are unable to walk, special shopping arrangements can be made through the Activity Worker. Residents can make use of the convenient in-house snack-shop, which offers favourite items such as candy and pop. Also, Britannia Community Center and Kettle Society are both located a few blocks away. The Coast Foundation and Step Out offers regularly scheduled bus trips. Street Parking is available right by Britannia Lodge.

Commercial Drive Business Society – thedrive.ca

Britannia Community Services Centre – britanniacentre.org

The Kettle Society – thekettle.ca